Philipem 1000 – Guide to Blogs


October 2017 Updated May 15 2018 – This will be sort of a table of contents or index to assist you in finding what blog contains what information.

These are not precise guides to the organization of each Blog, but key phrases to give you an idea of what is discussed in each blog.

Sovereign Citizens and Fellow Travelers

Introduction to the Sovereign Citizen Concept
(There is no such thing in our Legal Tradition)
What is Sovereignty?
We The People or I The Person?
What’s Wrong With Individual Sovereignty?
What Do Courts Say?

Sovereign Citizens and the Jurisdictional Gambit:
You Can’t Touch Me!
( Also See
Compendium of Cases )


=                                                          The Law                                                          =

Claimed: “Common Law” is the Supreme Law of the Land
Claimed: “Rules, Regulations, Statutes are Not Legal or
Only Govern the Government not The People

What is the law?

The Rule of Law — More Than Just A Rule

Sources of Law:

The Constitution
The State Constitutions
Statutory Law (Statutes, Ordinances, Codes)
Case Law (AKA Common Law)

Not a Source of Law:
Natural Law
Rules and Regulations

Are Statutes Laws?  What About Regulations ?

So What Are Laws?
Statutes — are they laws?
About Codes
About Regulations
The Strawman Theory
Latin Had ONLY Capitals!
The Courts Do Not Agree
A collection of court cases
  quoted regularly in response to sovereign citizen
ideas and challenges to the driver license laws.

=                             The US and the States                            =

The United States Is A Corporation
(Or If You Prefer, It Can Be An Elephant
Claimed: The United States is a Corporation, Not a Sovereign Nation
Claimed: There is no nation, it never was, the Constitution
created a corporation from the beginning.
Claimed: In 1871 The Congress created a commercial charter/Constitution
for the US, and made us into a corporation headquartered in the
District of Columbia, not a nation & therefore…
The Constitution used now is not the same one adopted in 1791.
Did Anyone Actually Read that law?
Where’s the New Constitution?
Constitution FOR vs Constitution OF
Where is the corporation called THE UNITED STATES?

The Adjournment of 1861
Claimed:The Congress of 1861 adjourned and was dissolved
and all acts of Congress thereafter are invalid
(“the President …may, on extraordinary occasions,
convene both Houses, or either of them”)

Claimed: 28 USC 3002 proves the US is a corporation
(Talk About Word Salad and Mr Magoo Legal Research!)


Federal Zone Theory
Claimed: The US government only has authority over
Federal Lands and Possessions
(Except for Article IV Sec 3 …)


(1) US is bankrupt;
(2) So the states lost sovereign power
(3) The U.S. lost its sovereignty
(4) US Became a corporation (or already was)
(5) Your relationship with corporations contractual only.
(6) Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) controls it all.


The “Traficant Speech”
Former Congressman and Federal Convict James Trafficant speaks
(With Interspersed Rebuttals)
What IS the UCC?
What It’s NOT
UCC started 1952 not 1933
Not a Federal law.
Not a Law unless adopted in your state
Some States did not adopt it
Some made changes
Applies only to businesses and commercial activity

(1) We lost the Revolution
(2) We gave up what we won
(3) War of 1812 was British attempt
to stop the “13th Amendment
(4) Because the South lost the Civil War
we don’t own anything, and all
our taxes go to the King.

There are Three United States

Claimed: There are Actually Three United States
Learn to Read…

=                                           The Courts                                               =

Does The “Real” 13th Amendment Eliminate the Courts?

The claim: There is an amendment to the U.S. Constitution t
hat disqualifies every lawyer in the country

from being a citizen, and thereby from serving as a judge.
It was never ratified

But if the Amendment Has been Ratified … So What?

Esquire is Neither a Title of Honor Nor of Nobility.
It does not come from a foreign power
Not Enough States Ratified
Publiation is not Ratification
The Courts have already considered and rejected these arguments.

What about the BAR??

What is Admiralty Law?

“The Admiralty Courts Exist Because
the U.S. is Under Martial Law”

U.S. Is NOT Under Martial Law and the Courts are Not Suspended,
Nor Acting in any Admiralty or Military Capacity.
Martial Law Does Not Suspend the Courts

Does The Jones Act Put Us Under Maritime/Admiralty Law
By Our Birth Certificate?
Why Is Your Name Spelled In CAPITALS?
The Currency Proposition:

Claimed: The US No Longer circulates Gold and Silver
Based Currency and/or Coin, Therefore We Are Governed by The Law Of The Sea

The Flag Fringe Proposition:
Claimed: The Gold Fringe on the Flag Shows
That The Court is An Admiralty/Military Court


Do You Need a License to Drive ?
What Law says you have to have a license?
Driver License Laws.
Are You A Person?
What Does it Mean “To Drive”
Is Your Car A Motor Vehicle?
What is a Highway?
“But I saw a video where the cops let this guy go…”
The Arguments Against Licenses
Laws and Statutes
The Right To Travel
It’s a Car Not a Motor Vehicle
Licenses are only required for Commerce
Federal Law Preempted State Law
You Must Consent to Licensing / The State is a Corporation
Court Cases Cited Against Licensing
Court Cases That Support Licensing

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